Antifascists Counterprotest Stop The Steal Protest in Atlanta

About 1000 Trump supporters gathered at the Atlanta State Capitol to protest election fraud accusations with little evidence, with about 100 antifascists gathering to counterprotest it. No fights ended up occurring, although a few confrontations did.

Trump supporters chanted ‘Stop the Steal!’ and ‘4 More Years!’ during the initial part of the rally, with the ‘Democrat for Trump’ Vernon Jones speaking at the event.

Several militia groups were also present at the rally, causing many security concerns for the Atlanta PD.

Antifascists then gathered in numbers of around 100, with a few smaller militia groups also being present, setting up a line outside of Atlanta City Hall.

Riot police then also moved in on both crowds, attracting cheers from many Trump supporters, a very different attitude from those in Beverly Hills who were dispersed by the BHPD.

As a few Trump supporters dispersed iwth their cars, the antifascist lines advanced forward slowly, beginning to cause confrontations.

Protesters then moved back to let traffic through, and no ensuing clashes occurred, although the two sides exchanged opposing chants.

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