Hundreds of Anticapitalists Protest Against Class-Based Repression in Tunis

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Tunis to demand the release of all prisoners of the recent uprising in the country, as well as to demand economic sovereignty from European neocolonialism and the ruling class. Protesters carried antifascist flags and carried banners demanding police abolition & wealth redistribution, with anticapitalists making up a majority of the crowd.

The march arrived at the Central Bank to demand the end of class-based repression and economic reliance on Europe, chanting “Fuck Islamists, fuck the cops!” at its door. After marching away from the bank, confrontations occurred with police, who kettled the crowd and made several arrests against demonstrators, also harassing members of the press who recorded such clashes.

Via Ghaya Ben Mbarek, Simon S. Cordall, & Caroline Perrot

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