DHS Clouds Streets of Portland With Tear Gas at Abolish ICE Protest

About 150 protesters gathered in front of the ICE facility in Portland as part of a call to action by an indigenous organizer, demanding the abolition of the agency created in 2002, whose dismantling would legally be within Biden’s direct jurisdiction.

DHS and Portland Police attacked the demonstration, using incredibly toxic amounts of HC gas, via possibly lethal canisters and illegally modified pesticide blowers, at which temperature HC gas, a possible carcinogen and more toxic variant of CS tear gas, has not yet been studied.

Several targeted arrests of activists were made, with a member of the press also taken into custody by DHS before protesters dispersed for the night after being exposed to chemical weapons.

Cover photo by Bethany Kerley

~150 protesters reach the ICE facility (Video by it_ain’t_pretty)
DHS retreats back into ICE facility after attempting to push back protesters
Heavily armed federal agents make a targeted arrest against a nonviolent protester
Police shoot munitions at protesters throwing back carcinogenic HC gas
Tear gas clouds the sky as feds shoot munitions at protesters
Protesters resist DHS shooting tear gas and munitions
Feds bring out modified HC gas fogger
Dozens of DHS officers & BORTAC paramilitaries occupy the area in front of ICE (Video by it_ain’t_pretty)
DHS officers make another push against protesters (Video by it_ain’t_pretty)
Federal officers continue to shoot munitions at protesters (Video by Alissa Azar)
BORTAC & DHS retreat back into ICE facility before going back out after
DHS gasses a sign, farther away from protesters (Video by it_ain’t_pretty)
Police HC gas is rendered useless by wind pushing it away from protesters (Video by Alissa Azar)
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