Demonstrations Spread Across Nigeria

The Revolution Now protests continue through the 13th amid increased calls for police defunding/reform and the killings of a dozen protesters over the last days. Many protesters have been met with brutality, but none more have been killed since the 12th of October.


Demonstrations continue in Abuja, and have steadily grown larger and larger over the past days for more police reform/defunding.

Port Harcourt

Despite a previous announcement by Rivers State government that all protests were to be made illegal, demonstrations continue against SARS and continue to grow larger even through state bans.




Protesters in Abeokuta took to the streets in the largest crowd in the city that has been seen insofar.


Demonstrators in Ibadan turned out in the thousands to protest against police brutality in Oyo State.

Conflicting Actions of Soldiers

Soldiers in Ibadan, under Oyo State command, joined the demonstrations alongside protesters to end police brutality and abolish SARS.

However, soldiers in Abuja began to hit and abuse protesters, of which a reaction was incited from the crowd that surged forward against the troops.

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