Thousands in Athens Clash With Police During Demonstration Against Police Brutality

Over 10,000 protesters marched in the Athens district of Nea Smyrni after a couple in a park was attacked by police for supposedly violating COVID guidelines. Police attacked demonstrators with flashbangs and tear gas, which resulted in the crowd assaulting one police officer and leaving him with a nonfatal head injury. For the rest of the night, police ran around the area, brutally assaulting anyone who approached them.

Via Savvas Karmaniolas, nikos christofakis, Land & Freedom, Alexandra Tanka, Μένουμε Ενεργοί, ThePressProject, Atina Günlüğü, prezatv, αναρχικό, alerta_gr, Η ΑΥΓΗ, PARTİZAN Yunanistan,, antirinfo, & Yücel Tekin

Above video: police throw Molotov cocktails at a crowd of demonstrators
Police attack and arrest bystander as neighbors yell from their balconies

Left and above: police attack store owner inside his store, punching him into the face and then arresting him.

Above: police knock over a young woman. Right: police attack young woman (sound on)

Above: police officer points gun at civilian
Left: police attack random bystander in residential zone
Below: police officer slams into civilian and screams “catch him” afterwards

Left: police screaming “Let’s go fuck them up! Let’s go kill them!” at around 0:40-0:54

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