Thousands Clash With Police in Santiago During National Mobilization Against Piñera

Thousands of protesters descended on Plaza Dignidad and the Presidential Palace on a day of national mobilization against the right-wing presidency of Sebastian Piñera, as part of the Estallido Social (Social Outbreak) that has gripped Chile since the 18th of October in 2019.

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Galería CIMA

Upon arriving at the scene, demonstrators were immediately met with chemical weapons, including chemically tainted water cannons and tear gas.

Protesters then began to march in the hundreds from Plaza Dignidad en route to the Presidential Palace, where a large contingent of Carabineros was to be expected. Massive clashes then began in front of the Presidential Palace, with Carabineros deploying chemically tainted water cannons on the crowd, leaving many with scars, burns, and other injuries.

Clashes then began to occur near the University of Chile, with no detainments so far due to de-arrests.

Hundreds more protesters continued to pour into the Alameda, clashing with police en route to the presidential palace.

Protesters then began to take back Plaza Dignidad, with sporadic but limited attacks by Carabineros, before the national mobilization ended.

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