Protests Continue In Santiago on Int. Day Against Violence On Women

Thousands of Chilean demonstrators took to the streets in Santiago to commemorate the International Day Against Violence On Women, marching on the presidential palace to condemn Piñera’s complicity in violence against women and his lack of action on the issue.

Protesters then began to make their way to the Alameda, reaching the University of Chile, where police deployed water cannons against demonstrators.

Along a corner of the Alameda, the Carabineros were seen moving onto the scene, appearing ready to attack the protesters head-on. Water cannons were then deployed once again at the University of Chile, with demonstrators standing resilient against the flow.

As the protesters at the front clashed with police, the march for women was arriving at the University of Chile in the Alameda.

With the arrival of thousands to the Presidential Palace, demonstrators began to surround the area through San Antonio, breaching police lines and forcing them to fall back due to their inability to handle protester advances on all fronts.

Over 1,000 protesters were reported at the frontlines of the demonstration, which at that point had advanced to a few meters off from the presidential palace.

Massive clashes were reported in the center of Santiago, with dozens of arrests reported and looting occurring all over the area, while over 7,000 people clashed with police at the Alameda.

From Católica until Chile road, thousands approached the Presidential Palace at the Alameda, with many within a few dozen meters of the residence, having beaten back the tear gas and water cannons deployed by police.

Thousands of Chileans continued the march to the Presidential Palace, even during a media blackout in which Chilean TV attempted as much as possible to hide the existence of the ongoing demonstrations.

At the same time, thousands of women and feminist allies converged on the Plaza Dignidad, demanding the resignation of Piñera. Demonstrators

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