Protesters Clash With Militarized Police in Santiago

Dozens of police converged at the University of Chile before many protesters had even arrived in Santiago, using water cannons and sending out several units of Carabineros to pre-handle the demonstrations.

With only about 30 demonstrators in Santiago, police deployed water cannons and sent out dozens of Carabineros, arresting 3 people at around 5:00 P.M.

Hundreds of protesters then began to move from Cerro Huelen to the University of Santiago to begin the usual day march, arriving at the Alameda and within half a kilometer of the Presidential Palace. Demonstrators lit a barricade, blocking traffic in a lane of the Alameda.

A coalition of groups then followed the frontliners, marching in the thousands chanting “Renuncia Piñera, conchatumadre, asesino, igual que Pinochet!” [Resign now Piñera, motherfucker, you fucking murderer, you’re the same as Pinochet!] towards the University of Chile through the Alameda.

The drivers of the water cannon trucks were observed violating protocol at the University of Chile by shooting directly at the heads of protesters, alongside the large presence of chemicals inside the water.

The Carabineros slowly began to retreat due to the onslaught of thousands of protesters running loose in the Alameda.

The Carabineros returned to the Alameda, violently attacking many protesters and arresting dozens as well as several reported injured.

Thousands of protesters continued to arrive to the palace, being seen at this point several hundred meters away from the Presidential Palace.

Protesters then continued to fill the Alameda in the thousands from the University of Chile to the Gabriela Mistral Center, continuing to demand the resignation of Piñera in what was dubbed online as the “Grand March to the Presidential Palace”.

Protesters continued to pour into the Alameda, with those online mocking the statement that the government and Chilean press had made saying that only 400 protesters were present at the Presidential Palace.

After demonstrators continued to turn out into the Alameda, the Carabineros began massive repression at the University of Chile, charging protesters both on foot and in riot vans.

As the Carabineros began to regroup in order to continue further repression and assaults, protesters began to go through the interior roads of Santiago in order to continue trying to reach the Presidential Palace.

Many more bus stops were seen burning as repression further continued in the Alameda in interior roads en route to the Presidential Palace by the Carabineros.

Extreme unrest began in Santiago, with the Carabineros arresting even pedestrians who dared walk through the Alameda and the center of the city, with many cries of dictatorship by online activists.

Thousands of protesters in a second wave continued to march to the university of Chile, chanting the same slogans as before. An outcry began after the Carabineros tear-gassed the Newen and Plar Medic Brigades in the center of Santiago.

Protesters began to chant a song written by famous communist musician Victor Jara, continuing the march to the Presidential Palace.

Protesters continued to march to the Presidential Palace in the thousands, with the Carabineros tear-gassing the rooftops of businesses in the Alameda to stop demonstrators for setting fires.

Water cannon trucks and Carabinero riot vans attempted to run over protesters at Mac Iver with Alameda, chasing them onto the sidewalks but failing to cause any injuries. The Carabineros then began to concede ground at San Antonio meters away from the Presidential Palace.

Protesters stayed in the center of Santiago despite the continuation of the usage of tear gas and chemically-tainted water cannons.

Thousands continued to move down the Alameda, while the Carabineros shot tear gas into the campus of the University of Chile.

Hundreds of protesters were then seen just outside of the Presidential palace, about 200-300 meters away. The Carabineros were also seen continuing their practice of shooting tear gas at buildings.

Police then tear-gassed protesters at Ahumada in the University of Chile.

Protesters stayed at San Antonio with Alameda, clashing with police as they continued to deploy water cannons. Carabineros continued to attack demonstrators in the center of Santiago, despite the frontliners continuing to resist assaults by setting up barricades. At the Cerro Huelen hill, confrontations continued, with a riot van being set on fire.

Clashes continued in the Cerro Huelen hill and Plaza Dignidad, as the Alameda was cut off by the Carabineros before the rest of the protesters dispersed for the night in preparation for the next night of mobilization.

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