Police in Athens Brutally Assault Demonstration in Solidarity With Koufontinas Hunger Strike

Police in Athens brutally assaulted over 100 protesters demonstrating in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas, an imprisoned former member of the 17 November left-wing urban guerilla who entered a hunger strike on the 8th of January to demand his return to the Korydallos prison, where he will once again be able to see family and friends. Tear gas, flashbang grenades, and even the rare water cannons were deployed to contain a small crowd of people.

Via Land & Freedom, Η ΑΥΓΗ, Nikos Christofakis, Lolos Marios, Savvas Karmaniolas, Ellada (Ελλαδα) Partizan, & Özgür Gelecek

A police officer was also sighted at the scene with several far-right patches, including a Greek nationalist flag. “Si vis pacem, para bellum” means “if you want peace, prepare for war”, and “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6” references killing and being judged by 12 jurors as opposed to dying and having your coffin carried by 6 people.

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