Hundreds of Chileans Gather at SERVEL in Santiago to Demand End of TPP & Release of Political Prisoners

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the SERVEL (Electoral Service Office of Chile) in Santiago to demand the end of the revived TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), release of all political prisoners, and demanding that independent candidates with no party affiliation be the makers of the new Constitution of Chile.

The first group of protesters to arrived at around 1:00 P.M., who were the bloc of demonstrators who arrived to demand the end of the TPP and for politicians to withdraw their support of the practice. After that, the families of political prisoners arrived to demonstrate alongside them.

Credits to PiensaPrensa, FPVR Prensa, El Pueblo Informa, and Cristian Hugo Garcia.

Protesters then confronted José Antonio Kast, a prominent pro-imprisonment-of-political-prisoners conservative politician, at the site in his car. Kast attempted to drive through the crowd, but failed and promptly backed out of the scene.

Several independent candidates then registered at the electoral office, while their supporters outside chanted “Liberar, liberar, a los presos por luchar!”. The prominent activist Pelao Vade received cheers and applause from the crowd of protesters after registering his candidacy in the SERVEL.

Before the rest of the crowd dispersed, the Revolutionary Workers’ Union arrived on the scene in the dozens, blocking roads in the area before dispersing at around 7:00 P.M.

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