Chileans Barricade and Blockade Highways Against Police and Piñera

Thousands of protesters and bikers across the country gathered to blockade highways with burning tires and other barricades, as well as perform sit-ins and take over the central area of the highway as opposed to biking on the cyclist part of the road.

1,000 people gathered in the La Golondrinas Avenue in Talcahuano, protesting against the violence of the Carabineros (National Police) and demanding the resignation of President Sebastian Piñera.

Hundreds of bikers blocked the Central Avenue of the peak of the Vicuña Mackenna mountain range, southeast of Antofagasta. The blockade lasted for hours, with much support coming from the general population of the area.

Hundreds of protesters also set fire to train tracks and burned tires at Route 160, between Lota and Coronel, two cities south of Concepción.

About 200 protesters in Talcahuano also burned tires, shutting down their central avenue, and demanded the resignation of President Sebastián Piñera, as well as issuing a condemnation of the human rights abuses of children at SENAME, the National Minors’ Service.

Hundreds of bikers went from La Florida to El Oriente in southeastern Santiago to distract from other protests in the capital occurring at the same time.

Hundreds of cyclists in Valparaiso gathered to protest against Piñera, blockading the town’s central avenue.

Barricades were also set up in the Grecia Avenue, in central Santiago, following the protests in the day that had occurred for health workers and unions that drew an attendance of nearly 20,000 people.

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