20,000 Health Workers March on Chilean Presidential Palace

Thousands of Chilean health workers and their allies took to the streets in Santiago, demanding the immediate resignation of President Piñera and his government as well as a bonus for hospitals and workers to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. Other unions also took part in the march, which was backed up later in the day by national blockades and bikers’ protests.

Several protest groups marched from the Alameda in Santiago to the Presidential Palace, steadily gaining numbers along the way. Several unions participated from across the area, waving the black Chilean flag that has evolved to represent the country in crisis and in need of healing.

The march quickly began to gain traction on social media under the hashtag #TodosALaMoneda (#EveryoneToThePresidentialPalace), mobilizing the entire country to act in solidarity with the health workers marching on the Palace of the National Mint. Another general hashtag used by demonstrators was (#WorstGovernmentInHistory), symbolizing their discontent with the current administration being the worst since Pinochet.

Unions from Falabella, the Chilean multinational department store chain, also joined the strike in the hundreds to thousands, joining the swelling number of demonstrators outside of the Presidential Palace, who had just finished the march there.

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