250 Protesters in Minneapolis Gather After Police Killing of Dolal Idd

Credits to Alex Chhith, Molly Peonies, Jon Collins, Chad Davis

Dozens of protesters first gathered at the scene around 7-8 P.M., confronting police at 36th and Cedar where police shot and killed 23-year-old Dolal Idd, child of Somali immigrants.

The angry crowd quickly swelled from 30 people to 60-70, then 100, after news began spreading around of the police murder.

A squad of police cruisers drove down Cedar to 36th St. but were met by an angry crowd that pushed them back, hitting the hood of the car and throwing snowballs at the retreating officers.

Cops in riot gear were then sent in, preparing to tear-gas of pepper spray the crowd if they so deemed it necessary.

Demonstrators then placed a firepit and a memorial to Dolal Idd while continuing to stand off with police at 36th and Cedar.

The crowd then began to dwindle, with 150 people remaining on the scene and placing a big bonfire in the middle of the intersection. The remaining demonstrators then left south down Cedar Avenue, before dispersing for the night.

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