Thousands of Protesters in Santiago Answer Call to Day of National Mobilization

Protesters gathered for another day of the national mobilization in Santiago, beginning at the intersection at the Ahumada and University of Chile, meeting dozens of Carabineros who bullrushed protesters and immediately made arrests. Protesters then documented the usage of chemical water cannons, which left a white residue on the ground.

Credits: PiensaPrensa, EnCamino13 & Frente De Prensa y Revolucion

Bikers then began to swarm the Alameda, bolstering the amount of protesters on the ground to multiple thousand.

Thousands of bikers then began to move through Route 5 demanding the resignation of Piñera as hundreds of protesters began to retake the Alameda & San Lucia, as another group of protesters emerged to clash with Carabineros around Plaza Dignidad.

Thousands of bikers then took the Américo Vespucio Avenue, a 64.8-kilometer ring road and one of the most important in Santiago at the Southern Access Tunnel, then moving to Route 5 and completely shutting down all activity on the avenue.

Carabineros then began violent assaults of medics assisting protesters on Santa Lucia, using chemical water cannons and forcing them to flee the area.

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