Seattle Police Brutally Assault Protesters

On the night of November 4th, a small group of protesters gathered to paint in what was the former CHAZ. Police quickly arrived, arresting everyone, and brutally beat a transgender man later misgendered as a woman. He was piled on by 5 police, one of which was actively punching him, and suffered a seizure induced by police.

The protester laid there for up to 15 minutes before the SPD made the decision to call the ambulance. He was first described as being in a critical condition, then downgraded to serious. According to family and friends, this had been the first seizure that he had ever experienced, leading to the conclusion that it was induced by police.

Many also criticized the excessive police presence that arrived to the former CHAZ, provided that a maximum of 20 protesters were present to which there was a response of more than 100 police officers.

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