Proud Boys Attack Antifascists in Olympia

Dozens of antifascists gathered for a Smash Fascism protest in Olympia, the Washington state capitol, in which slightly larger amounts of and far more aggressive Proud Boys & Back the Blue supporters gathered to attack them. Brawls with both sides using pepper spray quickly broke out.

Protesters were then brutally assaulted, with dozens of Proud Boys jumping 4-5 antifascists before backing down and standing off with the main group.

A Proud Boy then pulled out a gun and shot at a protester, barely grazing their stomach, which if had been a direct hit would have killed them. [Wound: CONTENT WARNING] [Backup if broken link] At 0:23 in the 2nd video, you can also see the aforementioned Proud Boy flash his gun in a yellow vest.

The Olympia shooter was later doxxed as Christopher Michael Guenzler, who went to school in Port Orchard, Washington. He is currently on $25,000 bail [Inmate report].

Proud Boys also threw smoke bombs and other IEDs, which were thrown back by antifascists, before the protest ended.

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