Los Angeles Police Clash With Protesters During Eviction of Several Families

Dozens of demonstrators gathered at the scene of eviction of hundreds of families from 400 abandoned houses in El Sereno, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. Protesters were tear-gassed, and many were arrested alongside the evicted, which included many minors as well.

In the 1970s, Caltrans bought the houses for a freeway expansion, but it never happened. The company refused to sell the homes or make them into an affordable living complex, so homeless families occupied the houses upon discovery.

Protesters held a standoff with police before being tear-gassed and forced out of the way. Police were observed hitting one of their own officers with a cruiser but managed to avoid causing an injury.

The incident caused demonstrators to mock the police at the scene, who were preparing to begin the evictions with rubber bullets and riot gear.

Police broke into the first house with a battering ram after the family refused to answer the door, and dragged them away, a minor among the group.

An assault rifle was also seen in the hands of one officer, which appeared to be loaded with live rounds. The family was arrested, and so was a 16-year-old child who was taken to a youth detention center.

Police were then halted from exiting the scene by dozens of protesters, with clashes ensuing as police attempted to break through the lines. [Credits from now on go to Brian Feinzimer]

After many protesters were arrested, the police were finally obliged to leave the scene after being pushed back by an angry mob.

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