Hundreds in Santiago Clash With Police on Anniversary of Killed Protester

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets across Santiago during protests on the anniversary of the police murder of Neco Mora & Ariel Moreno, who were killed by Carabineros in 2020 during confrontations at a protest. Extreme clashes occurred with police throughout the night, although protesters mobilized in several locations.

Via Cristian Hugo García, #JusticiaParaNeko, stgonorte.pedalea, Prensa Capucha, El Pueblo Informa, maipu_independiente, Capucha Informativa, hector_dignidad, & Alma Negra

Demonstrators started off the day by holding a banner in front of the Metro Santa Ana and inside the metro of the University of Chile, chanting slogans in remembrance of Neco.

Meanwhile, bikers gathered at the Estadio Monumental David Arellano, chanting in remembrance of Neco and showing a banner. Barricades were also placed on the road.

Hundreds of protesters then gathered at the Laguna Sur metro in the Pudahuel borough, waving antifascist and Mapuche flags.

Protesters then began to march, waving anarchist and antifascist flags.

When protesters stopped, barricades were placed and fires were set on the streets as protesters occupied the area.

Heavy police repression then began, with Carabinero water cannons deployed on protesters who fought back with rocks and other objects, stopping any arrests from occurring.

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