Hundreds Clash With Police in Santiago After Murdered Activist’s Family is Harassed and Beaten

Full 8-hour video of the mobilization in Santiago:

Hundreds of activists gathered at Plaza Dignidad in Santiago, in solidarity with the terrorized Mapuche communities of Chile, where the family of an activist murdered by police was beaten and arrested at a border checkpoint. Demonstrators began by unfurling a flag of the murdered Camilo Katrillanka, a Mapuche weychafe (warrior) killed by Carabineros.

Credits to PiensaPrensa, Primera Línea Revolucionaria Chile, Señal 3 La Victoria, Megafono Popular, and Galeria CIMA.

Carabineros violently arrest activist for the crime of having a Mapuche flag.

Carabineros then began to crack down on protesters, and launched water cannons on the Alameda/Vicuña Mackenna intersection.

Clashes at the Baquedano Metro
Hundreds try to occupy Plaza Dignidad
Water Cannon No. 61 fires directly on protesters
Clashes in Plaza Dignidad
Injuries reported to tear gas & water cannons
Protesters hit with water cannons

Carabineros notably fired on a well-marked crowd including the Newen Street Medic Brigade, who luckily were wearing chemical-resistant outfits prepared to handle tear gas & burning water cannons.

Protesters then successfully occupied the Plaza Dignidad, immediately coming under heavy fire from Carabineros but holding their ground.

Clashes meanwhile continued to occur at the intersection of Providencia and Seminario, with demonstrators holding their ground against the repression of the Chilean police state.

Strong repression takes place at Plaza Dignidad with tear gas and water cannons deployed

Demonstrators brought a giant Mapuche flag, putting it onto Plaza Dignidad in a display of solidarity to Chilean indigenous communities.

Massive repression then began against protesters, with several water cannon trucks including No. 42 returning on the scene with chemically-tainted liquid.

Confrontations then began to occur directly between Carabineros and protesters, with tear gas and water cannons deployed on the Vicuña Mackenna/Calle Carabineros de Chile intersection. Demonstrators were then able to take back the Plaza Dignidad for the second time in one day, before dispersing for the night after being hit with a new round of water cannons.

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