Guatemala Continues Protests Demanding Resignation of President

Thousands of protesters continued in the streets of Guatemala City for another round of demonstrations against the government of President Alejandro Giammattei, demanding the resignation of both him and the Minister of the Interior, who appeared to have given the orders for police brutality against protesters. Protesters clashed with police near the end of the demonstration, prompting the deployment of tear gas and later dispersement.

Demonstrators generally expressed an absolute anti-politician sentiment, stating that no politician can speak on behalf of the people and that the failure of Giammattei is an example of such being true.

[Credits to Sandra Cuffe for most of these videos]

Police did not attack protesters in this round of demonstrations and instead retreated even after protesters lit a bus on fire. Demonstrators then gathered at the presidential palace, shouting “Murdering Minister!” [“Ministro Asesino!”] following the killings of protesters on the 21st.

After protesters chanted to police, “Lower your shields! Lower your shields!”, riot cops put them down and retreated to the sidewalk, successfully de-escalating the demonstration as protesters marched back to the central plaza.

After more confrontations occurred with protesters, police finally deployed tear gas, forcing the demonstrators to march out of the area on the way to the National Palace.

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