End SARS Solidarity Protests Take Place All Over the World

#EndSARS protests took place all around the world as people from other countries declared solidarity with the Revolution Now movement in Nigeria. Anonymous continued its ramped-up cyberattacks on Nigerian government websites, leaking the login for NISLT and taking down the national mortgage bank website.

Anonymous Cyberattacks


Anonymous hacked into NISLT (Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology) and released thousands of login parameters of alleged money embezzlers.


FHA Mortgage Bank

Hackers also took down the national mortgage bank website.




Protesters in Abuja marched through the city to protest the replacement of SARS with SWAT and continuing brutality from normal police forces.

Occupy CBN Protest

Occupy CBN is a movement that has begun to blockade the headquarters of the Central Bank of Nigeria, with on its first day several hundreds of protesters participating.


Police were seen standing by as protesters were attacked by armed pro-SARS vigilantes with axes, machetes, and bats.

One protester was hit with an axe by said vigilantes, but survived.

Solidarity Protests

Many solidarity protests took place around the world on the 18th, all over the Americas and the UK.


Edinburgh diaspora Nigerians protested outside of the UK House of Commons.


Protesters marched to Trafalgar Square through London, many of which were also diaspora Nigerians.


Protesters in Newark, New Jersey, a mix of diaspora Nigerians and Black Lives Matter activists, protested for the abolition of SARS and SWAT.


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