Ugandan Police Kill 37 Protesters Amid Nationwide Riots

Ugandans gathered across the country to protest against the arrest of opposition candidate Bobi Wine, rioting across the country. After rumors of 11 police officers injured, the defense minister gave and defended an order to shoot to kill, with police stating that 28 people had died. However, coroners said that they had received a total of 37 bodies by the morning of 20 November.

Rallies had first occurred for Wine in Kampala, with thousands attending and signaling their hatred for President Yoweri Museveni.

After the arrests were released to the public, massive pro-Wine riots began in many major cities, with barricades being burnt. Police responded with unprecedented brutality, killing 16 people on the first day; they were also filmed shooting at anyone who dared record a video of the situation.

On the second day, there were 21 more deaths according to many newspapers, but only 12 according to police forces and the Defense Ministry. Police brutality continued, with demonstrators being fired upon in massive crowds. 577 arrests were confirmed in a briefing, but many suspect that extrajudicial detainments are also occurring. Paramilitaries were also sighted, firing at civilians and killing several.

(Be advised that this clip is a sped-up confrontation)

Demonstrations continued through the 20th, with once again increased brutality against protesters. At least 1 death was recorded this day.

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