Thousands of Students in Athens Clash With Police During Protest Against Police in Universities

Thousands of students took to the streets of Athens, demanding the end of the law proposed by the Minister of Education which would bring police back to university campuses. Riot police assaulted the demonstration, sparking a series of clashes with Molotov cocktails, poles, and fire extinguishers between the crowd of students and law enforcement.

After dozens of arrests occurred during the protests, students began demonstrating outside of the Attica General Police Directorate office, confronting dozens of riot police who attempted to kettle the crowd before it dispersed.

Via Savvas Karmaniolas, Ellada Partizan, Alexandra Tanka, Land & Freedom, Özgür Gelecek, Nick Paleologos/ SOOC, VedatYeler, George Mourmouris, Γιαννης, & Alex Gasteratos / TPP

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