Thailand Protesters March to Royal Police Headquarters

Infuriated Thai protesters took to the streets in a spontaneous demonstration the day after chemical water cannons and tear gas were used by police in a previous march to Parliament. Thousands began their march to the Royal Thai Police headquarters at Ratchaprasong Intersection, just up the road. Some shot small water guns at police, mocking them for the water cannons used at the protest the day before.

A group of demonstrators surprised the crowd by bringing a water truck to deal with the effects of the chemical water cannon that was seen as likely to be used.

A group of protesters also broke off from the main group and spilled over into Henri Dunant Road after spotting a police cruiser. They began to besiege a side entrance to the royal police compound.

The main bloc of protesters began to prepare for the inevitable use of water cannons by bringing the afore-used water ducks to the front-line of the demonstration.

The activists leading the protest decided to unveil a surprise ‘revenge action’ at 8:00 P.M., which ended up being a paint attack against the police headquarters. Many demonstrators took out their fury at police by slinging paint at the headquarters. The protest was ended after that, with organizers calling for another protest on the 25th of November.

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