West Papuans Protest Against Colonial Indonesian Government on Papua Flag Day

Morning Star flag.

West Papuans in Yogyakarta and Manokwari protested the colonialist Indonesian government’s control over the island on Free Papua Day, flying high the illegal Morning Star flag. Students in Yogyakarta protested by dancing and occupying the central square of the city and displaying the Morning Star flag, which would give them a treason sentence and life in prison or death if arrested. Demonstrators in Manokwari also marched with the flag, with virtually the entire city population participating.

The Free West Papua movement has been classified as a terrorist organization by the Indonesian government, while opposed by many countries. Its main supporters are Oceanians in Polynesia, who genetically are far more related to Papuans, who are Melanesians, than the Papuans are to the Asian-of-origin Indonesians.

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