Sacramento Antifascists Fight Proud boys at Stop The Steal Rally

Antifascists at the Californian State Capitol in Sacramento fought back against the Proud Boys holding a Stop The Steal rally, marching from downtown to the State House. It was noted as a somewhat smaller group than normal, with only around 50 people.

Antifascists wore body armor, helmets, and gas masks, which also caught the attention of the Sacramento PD. [Pictured right: anarchist in body armor, photographed by someone not worthy of crediting]

Credits go to Scott Rodd for that material which is legitimately taken.

Police separated the two sides with a much larger barricade and separating area, as opposed to the previous time in which the two sides were close enough to hit each other.

Protesters then moved, heading north on 9th, chanting “Proud Boys Won’t Do Shit!”, arriving to a heavy police presence on the west side of the Capitol. Video shows police attempting to separate the two sides, fearing extremely explosive confrontations.

Antifascists then proceeded to leave the Capitol, heading east on North towards Capitol Park, then stopping and moving back to the Capitol, clashing with 2 Proud Boys who deployed mace. Said Proud Boys then retreated down an alley, before police arrived with projective weapons.

Multiple clashes then ensued between antifascists and the Proud Boys, prompting a police advance down 10th Street, in response to which the antifascists began to take down fences and use them as barriers amid an increasing police advance.

Protesters then moved back in the direction of Roosevelt Park, where they had originally started their march to the capitol from.

A group of Proud Boys then confronted the antifascists, leading to another violent confrontation once again broken up by cops.

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