October Rebellion Resurges in Chile After 1 Year Anniversary

Chileans have returned to the streets after the 1-year anniversary of the October Rebellion of 2019 that led to the reformation of the constitution. Protesters believe that the changes were nowhere near enough and were simply used to keep the people down. Demonstrators have been attacked and killed by police and the military in multiple cities across the country.



It was reported that police were the only ones present in the area when a large fire broke out, with many witnesses saying they saw police throw Molotov cocktails at the apartment complex.


In Iqique, a minor demonstrator was attacked by the military, and held at gunpoint with a live weapon.



Protesters in Antofagasta marched through the town and managed to repulse police and military forces that encroached on them.


Protesters in Coquimbo protested for further decolonization of indigenous Mapuche land, as well as the legitimate recreation of the constitution.


Mapuche citizens in the city demonstrated against the constitutional reforms and in commemoration of the October Rebellion.


Demonstrators in the city set up barricades after the murder of a civilian by police forces.


Protesters in Valparaiso clashed with police on the first day of the resurgence of the October Rebellion.

Cerro Playa Ancha

Viña Del Mar

As in its sister city, protesters took to the streets demanding real constitutional reform.

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