Nigerian State Begins Campaign of Massacres Against Protesters

The Nigerian state has begun a campaign of violence and massacres across the country, with SWAT and the military opening fire on protesters, murdering more than a dozen on the Lekki Toll Gate. There are also rumors that the government will shut down the internet, therefore beheading the ability of social media campaigning that the protesters currently have.

Anonymous Cyberattacks

Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank ( fell to Anonymous.



Paramilitaries in Abuja were escorted by police vans, many of which are used in presidential motorcades as well.


Paramilitaries suspected to be funded by the government attacked protesters in Jos, injuring several, but killing none.


Lekki Toll Gate

13 protesters were shot and killed in a massacre never seen before in the End SWAT/SARS protests, with a celebrity, DJ Switch, being shot in the thigh. DJ Switch has been missing, and Nigerians suspect her death if she does not appear by tomorrow.

Below: photo of DJ Switch’s thigh wound.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work):   Show

Solidarity Protests


Protesters took to the streets in Rome, engaging in minor clashes with Italian police after news that the massacres began in their country of origin.

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