Indigenous People’s Day Protests Take Place Across the World

Indigenous People’s Day protests were planned as part of a 3-consecutive day event involving 1492 Land Back Lane, the Indigenous Day of Rage, and now the Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day, which is criticized by many for venerating a colonizer and a genocidal architect.

New York Demonstrations

Undocumented protesters marched across the Tappan Zee Bridge (“Mario Cuomo Bridge”) in New York to protest for better working conditions and labor rights for those that are undocumented immigrants, many of which in the United States are heavily exploited.

Miami Direct Action

The Miami Black Rose engaged in a propaganda direct action on Indigenous People’s Day, against the colonization of Florida and for the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes that remain in the state today.

Albuquerque Protest

Protesters in Albuquerque tore down the obelisk that remains in the center of the town, that venerates soldiers killed during the colonization of the area after its forceful seizure from Mexico over to the American government after the Mexican-American war.

Protest in London

Protesters in London demonstrated outside the Bolivian and Indonesian assemblies, to protest genocide of indigenous people in both countries, and against the oppression of West Papuans.

O-Odham Anti-Border Protest

The O’Odham Anti-Border Collective took to the streets to protest the construction of the border wall on ancestral land, which was violently put down by police forces in the area.

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