Anarchists and Activists Defend CSOA Horta From Eviction by Police in Valencia

The CSOA Horta squat in Valencia was attacked by police without notice but failed after hundreds of neighbors and activists arrived within an hour to defend it and push the police out. Demonstrators repaired the urban garden and door of the squat and later gathered in Benimaclet Square in a rally.

CSOA Horta was an old farmhouse in the Benimaclet district of Valencia next to the northern ring road, threatened by eviction. It hosts many activities of different social movements in the city and has an urban garden.

Hundreds of neighbors of the squat had arrived by 7 in the morning, ready to resist the eviction of CSOA Horta. The police proceeded to be chased out, but in the last stand attacked the crowd and beat several people.

Protesters then proceeded to reoccupy CSOA Horta after chasing out the police, dropping a banner condemning the state repression that morning and tending to the urban garden that suffered slight damage.

Hundreds of protesters then returned to Benimaclet square to support the squat, coming out in full and dropping banners across the area.

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