Hundreds of Chileans Clash With Carabineros in Santiago on Anniversary of Police Murder

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Santiago on the one-year anniversary of the murder of Mauricio Fredes by the Carabineros, calling for a reopening of the investigation and punishment for his murderers. Police repression quickly began to occur, with 3 arrests recorded within the first 15 minutes of the demonstration near Plaza Dignidad.

Credits to PiensaPrensa, Radio Liberación Primera Línea, FPVR Prensa, Info-Pueblo, Primera Línea Revolucionaria Chile

After Water Cannon No. 66 began firing, apartment windows were broken in the Alameda Corvalan, and a young man was injured and left unconscious from the chemicals in the water.

Demonstrators then finally arrived at the site of the murder of Mauricio Fredes, condemning the Carabineros and chanting “Piñera, conchatumadre, asesino, igual que Pinochet! [Piñera, motherfucker, murderer, you’re the same as Pinochet!]”

Meanwhile, clashes continued near Plaza Dignidad as protesters returned to converge on the intersection of the Irene Morales road & the Alameda.

Carabineros then moved down through Merced and Bustamente, arriving at the forest park where they deployed tear gas and water cannons. The protesters held their ground, providing fierce resistance to the state repression.

Police were seen firing tear gas canisters out of guns, similar to models seen in Colombia during the suppression of the riot in Usaquen earlier in December.

Barricades were then placed at the intersection of Cardenal Caro and Purisima, before demonstrators dispersed for the night.

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