Chaos Ensues at Million MAGA March In Washington D.C.

The Million MAGA March was a Trump-supporting demonstration in Washington D.C. that attracted 15,000 people, including several white supremacist and far-right groups. Although vastly outnumbered, antifascists provided significant resistance, clashing throughout the night. 3 people were stabbed by Proud Boys-affiliated groups, and dozens of injuries occurred on both sides.

Prequel Events

Beginning around the 7th of November, many Trump-supporting groups began to announce the Million MAGA March, which would be in Washington D.C. and march to the Supreme Court. Antifascists then threw their weight around organizing a counterprotest, expecting the Proud Boys and other fascist-leaning organizations to be involved.

2 official Million MAGA March account were created on Parler, a “free speech” social media website whose audiences are Trump supporters by a vast majority. They called for a march on the Supreme Court in order to demand the handing over of a second term to president Trump, going under the slogan of “Stop the Steal”.

A self-proclaimed proud boy stated that he had rented out an AirB&B to fit 13-15 people for the Million Maga March. He was promptly doxxed, exposed, and AirB&B cancelled his reservation. He was not however arrested, and it is unknown whether Ronald Gaudier did attend the Million MAGA March.

Antifascists also sent out calls to action to respond to the Million MAGA March, which they feared would terrorize LGBTQ+ and BIPOC civilians and destroy political monuments built by activists, such as the signs on Trump’s fence.

Beginning of Event

An estimated 15,000 Trump supporters had gathered at Freedom Plaza, where many prominent conservative figures held speeches, condemning the “homosexual agenda” and telling people to never be ashamed about being American.

Early Clashes

Proud Boy Riot

Hundreds of Proud Boys marched through DC, chanting “The Media Sucks!” and attacking journalists as they went by.

Police standing off with antifascists in front of the Million MAGA March.

Standoff Between Antifascists and MMM

Antifascists gathered at the site of the Million Mask March, with the MPD setting up a line blockading clashes between the two sides of the crowd.

Antifascist March

Antifascists took to the streets in DC during the Million MAGA March, in numbers of about 200 people, with a banner saying “Punch MAGA in the face!”


Clashes immediately broke out after the march to the Supreme Court occurred, with brawls breaking out everywhere. One Trump supporter attacked counterprotesters and was knocked out by another; a “libertarian” also hit protesters with the Gadsden flag and had it removed from his jurisdiction by antifascists in bloc.

Night Clashes

Despite their far fewer numbers, antifascists were still able to exact significant damage against the Million MAGA Marchers, with brawls happening all over the city. Many LGBTQ+ and BIPOC civilians as well as journalists were brutally assaulted, with 3 stabbings taking place, all of the victims being antifascists. Several times, the MPD was also seen protecting the proud boys from attacks.

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