Update On Anti-Government Protests In Lebanon

Army Attacking People in The Streets

Recapture of the Foreign Ministry

Protests Outside Parliament

The original article about the protests can be found here.

The Army pushed the protesters out of the ministries. They beat people in the streets almost at random. Since then the protests have continued but at a lower level of intensity. Over the last week or so protests have continued outside government buildings. Meanwhile across the city projects to support people who lost their homes are growing. Groups like Food not Bombs and the Lebanese Red Cross are working in the north of the city which is badly damaged. People are still angry but there have not been large riots since the first few days of protests. The footage below documents police recapture of buildings, brutality, and recent videos of the protests.

Lebanese Army Beating People in the Streets

Special Operations Forces Recapture the Foreign Ministry

Lebanese Protestors Outside the Parliament Building

Meanwhile as protests the crisis continues. There are many religious charities accused of turning away people of others sects and nationalities. At the same time violence by militias continues. Nationalists attacked Syrian citizens in Beirut. Meanwhile gunfire erupted on August 20th between two allies Hezbollah and the Amal movement, killing one soldier. On August 23rd an explosion was seen near Beirut in between the towns of Barja and Bassir. As of yet the cause of the explosion is unknown.

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