National Strike (11th of August)

The day began with the information of another dead person killed by the cops yesterday night. People brought first flowers to the place were he was murdered later flowers appeared in different places in Minsk.

After last night’s intense clashes with the police in several cities people continued to protest in various ways during the day, banner where dropped, people gathered in public places, leaflets were spread around to call for a strike and to call the military to stop support Lukashenko regime and workers were striking.

On Monday people were calling for a national strike. As the internet doesn’t work leaflets were spread around to reach to the people. On Tuesday, 11. August in different factories groups of people came together and agitated for a strike. Workers of the Electrotechnical Plant in Minsk «МЭТЗ ИМ. В.И. Козлова» published the following demands:

1) Immediately stop violence against peaceful unarmed citizens who have the right to peacefully express their political position!
2) Cease provocations to justify the actions of law enforcement officials.
3) Release people detained during past peaceful demonstrations.
4) Turn on the internet to avoid speculation and rumors.

People met spontaneously in Solidarity with the workers in front of the factory. But the riot police dispersed the people and detained at least two people. Workers of the sugar plant in Zhabinka – Жабинковский сахарный завод completely stopped their work today and went also on strike. The workers gathered and demanded to meet with the Chairman of the District Executive Committee to put forward their demands. Additionally, individuals went on strike, like those two who are working in the plant of semiconductor devices of JSC “Integral”. The rest of the plant workers support the guys, but they were concerned to join because of the pressure from their superiors.

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