Police Crack Down On Protest Against Global Security Law in Paris

Scuffles began early on in the fourth weekend of protests against the Global Security Law, which was suspended and is in the process of being rewritten. Police presence was heavy from the start, with 4 water cannons placed on standby at the starting point as well as hundreds of officers.

The march then began, with thousands of people in attendance, and scuffles quickly broke out between police and a black bloc numbering several hundred protesters.

Credits to Yazid Bouziar, Charles Baudry, and Clement Lanot.

Protesters then attempted to begin to march to the Place De La Republique in the center of Paris but were kettled by police and forced to stop marching. Demonstrators jammed their way through anyway and managed to make it to the city center, where clashes began with police armed with water cannons. The last protesters remaining at the Place De La Republique were all pushed back into the metro.

Another group of demonstrators was retreating along the Avenue De La Republique, where they promptly were charged and kettled by police. After being tear-gassed, the last protesters in the avenue dispersed and the protest was finished.

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