Tens of Thousands Across Colombia Continue Protests Against Tax Reform & Healthcare Privatization

Tens of thousands of protesters returned to the streets of Colombia against new tax hikes on the middle class, privatization of healthcare, and decades of a conservative establishment maintaining a chokehold on the nation. Police and the military responded brutally, using live rounds and killing several protesters in various cities.

Cundinamarca & Bogota

Valle del Cauca (Popayan, Siloe, Cali)

Antioquia (Medellin & others)

Santander (Bucaramanga, Piedecuesta, Giron)

Norte de Santander (Cucuta & others)

Boyaca (Tunja & others)

Caldas (Manizales, Villamaria)

Casanare (Yopal)

Arauca (Saravena, Arauca, Tame)

Tolima (Ibague)

Atlantico (Barranquilla)

Risaralda (Pereira & others)

Nariño (Pasto & others)

Bolívar (Cartagena)

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