Protests in Bangkok Culminate in Clash Between Demonstrators and Police

Protests have been going on in the Kingdom of Thailand for months, under the regime of a military dictatorship overseen by the monarchy. Activists call for the fall of the monarchy, and the implementation of a more democratic system. Police have been responding with similar brutality, and have insofar refused to pass any reforms of the sort.

On the 14th, Thailand banned protests from going on under the pretext of coronavirus restrictions. In response, thousands of protesters crowded 3 central areas of Bangkok, with most being unarmed and not ready to fight off a police response. Protesters were soon met by hundreds of police, who promptly began to march forward and aim water cannons at the protesters. Civilians from bridges above the square began to drop umbrellas to protesters to protect themselves.

Police began shooting chemically laced water at the protesters, much of which was minimized by the umbrellas dropped by civilians. Many protesters were injured, and over 100 were arrested in the subsequent bullrush by the small army of police.

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