Protesters in Santiago Clash With Carabineros on Anniversary of Police Murders of Neco & Ariel

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Santiago during a mobilization on the anniversary of the police murders of Neco Mora & Ariel Morenos in 2020 during demonstrations. Heavy clashes occurred with police around the area of Plaza Dignidad, with demonstrators subject to chemical weapons including tear gas and chemically tainted water cannons, both of which cause burns and possibly permanent injuries.

Via PiensaPrensa, Primera Línea Revolucionaria Chile, Cristian Hugo García, Galería CIMA, Puro Newen, & Señal 3 La Victoria

Protesters first gathered across the street from Plaza Dignidad, at the intersection of the Alameda & Vicuña Mackenna. Demonstrators stayed away from the Plaza due to the heavy presence of Carabineros at the scene.

Carabineros then arbitrarily attacked the crowd of peaceful protesters with water cannons and on foot, occupying the intersection with about a dozen troops on the ground, arresting many.

Carabineros then retreated back to Plaza Dignidad, facing off with angry demonstrators chanting slogans and flying Mapuche flags, who were still deterred from arriving at the scene due to more than a dozen armored vehicles and water cannon trucks at the scene, as well as a horde of stormtroopers who continued to make arrests on foot.

Despite a heavy onslaught of water cannons and tear gas with armored vehicles continuing, protesters managed to rush Plaza Dignidad and expel the Carabineros from the area.

Protesters unfurled banners at the scene, showing slogans in support of political prisoners caged during the social uprising that began in 2019. A massive Wenufoye (Mapuche flag) was then taken out, covering many in the square.

Carabineros then promptly threw the protesters out of Plaza Dignidad on foot, assaulting them and deploying water cannons while chasing them to Cerro Huelen.

The majority had dispersed by nightfall except for the Newen Brigade of street medics and a few dozen protesters, who were banging on lampposts and poles to make collective noise, before leaving themselves and dispersing the Plaza for the night.

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