Police and Military Brutality Takes Place All Across Nigeria

SARS, SWAT, the police, and the military all over Nigeria began a campaign of brutality against protesters on the 19th, killing several all across the country and allowing pro-SARS militants to roam free and brutalize demonstrators. Anonymous’ attacks continue to ramp up, despite being overshadowed by the attacks on protesters.

Anonymous Cyberattacks


Anonymous hacked into ANAN, the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, releasing the following statement. Following the attack, ANAN took down their website, leaving the following message.


The official Nigerian immigration website was taken down.


Anonymous also shut down the national services website.


Kabusa and Apo

Pro-SARS militants and police attacked and killed many protesters in Apo, Kabusa Junction.


Soldiers in Auchi, from Edo state, opened fire on protesters, killing one and shooting several more.



Protesters in Lagos shut down the city’s airport, grounding all activities after storming it in the thousands.

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