Peruvian Police Attack Panamerican Highway Blockaders at Virú and Ica Province

As thousands continued to hold the line across Peru during the agro-industrial Panamerican Highway blockade for better wages and working conditions, police attacked strikers and farmers at the Virú and Ica province blockades, tear-gassing the crowds with helicopters and tanks, also affecting many civilians with respiratory problems.

26 protesters were injured in the Chao district blockade of Virú province, where police threw tear gas and beat many striking farmers and industrial workers with shields and batons. The military was also sent in at Trujillo to clear the Panamericana Norte, but protesters in Ica held strong and the Panamericana Sur blockade continued.

The tear-gassings of the Ica province blockaders temporarily lifted the traffic stoppage, but only temporarily before peasants regrouped in other points of the route in the area and reblocked them. Police declared that all tear gas was exhausted and that 5 officers were wounded by rocks.

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