Hundreds Clash With Police At Protest in Santiago Demanding Release of All Political Prisoners

Hundreds of protesters clashed with police for hours in the center of Santiago at a demonstration demanding the release of all political prisoners of the 18th of October Uprising.

Credits to PiensaPrensa, Primera Línea Prensa, Marcelo Iribarren,
Galería CIMA, FPVR Prensa, Revolucion Ciclista, Señal 3 La Victoria, Primera Línea Revolucionaria Chile, Megafono Popular

Demonstrators first gathered near the Plaza Dignidad at Plaza Italia, where Carabineros began bullrushing individual protesters.

Protesters then began to fight back against Carabinero repression, throwing rocks and other objects at trucks and police. Tear gas then filled the air and burning water covered the ground as Carabineros used all the munitions possible to disperse the crowd.

As tear gas continued to be deployed, demonstrators resisted the onslaught of chemical weapons at the Ahumada and pushed ever closer to Plaza Dignidad.

Protesters then began to rush police lines and stormed Plaza Dignidad, taking back the site that was at the center of protests in 2019.

Meanwhile, protesters on Providencia road began pushing the Carabineros out of sight at Puente Pio Nono.

After consolidating control of Plaza Dignidad, protesters began to celebrate, flying antifascist flags and dancing.

Clashes then began again along Providencia road, with water cannons being deployed against protesters. Carabineros then attempted to seize back Plaza Dignidad, but failed to do so.

Despite being forced out of Plaza Dignidad temporarily, hundreds returned to retake it from the hands of Carabineros.

The crowd then dispersed from the scene, as it was by then 9:00 P.M.

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