Clashes Occur in Chile As Approval Movement Protests Continue

Protesters continue to take to the streets to turn out the vote for a national plebiscite to change the constitution that remains since Pinochet created it. Many protests and clashes occurred in Plaza Dignidad, with police using water cannons and frequently fighting with protesters.


Hundreds turned out in the city to protest for people to vote yes on the historic plebiscite.


Protesters set up booths around Santiago in advocacy on voting yes for the new constitution.

MEGA Union Strike

Workers for the MEGA TV station in Santiago went on strike to raise awareness for the plebiscite.

Plaza Dignidad

Christian socialists turned out earlier in the dozens with a group of priests to speak in favor of the new constitution and decolonization through Liberation Theology.

Protesters went to a multiple-thousand-strong demonstration later, with many clashes occurring between police with water cannons and young people.

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