Clashes in Vancouver and Portland Amid Protest for Kevin Peterson

1,000 Portlanders attended a vigil in Vancouver for Kevin Peterson, remembering him and demanding justice against his killers. Right-wing agitators from Patriot Prayer armed with AR-15s arrived as well, assaulting protesters, as well as a Trump truck ramming through the crowd. After the vigil, protesters marched to Portland and the courthouse in Vancouver, being shot at twice by a Trump supporter.


MAGA Counterprotest

About 40 Trump supporters arrived to counterprotest.

Clash in Vancouver

Vancouver vigil members and MAGA clashed, and Patriot Prayer pepper-sprayed BLM supporters.

After the vigil, protesters began to march down to Portland, MAGA counterprotesters marched parallel to them, but were quickly beaten back by black bloc marchers who shoved them and pepper-sprayed them out of the crowd.

Clark County Courthouse Protest

Demonstrators clashed with Vancouver feds in front of the Clark County courthouse,

Protesters were shot at twice by a Patriot Prayer member.

March to Portland

Protesters marched from Vancouver to Portland, with many clashes occurring between police and protesters.

After marching in front of the Portland Bail Bonds store, protesters engaged with guards armed with AR-15s that threatened and assaulted them.

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