Battle of Philadelphia Occurs After Police Shooting

Protesters rioted all across West Philadelphia after the police shooting of a mentally ill man earlier in the day, with over 30 police officers injured and 91 demonstrators arrested. Many areas in the city experienced heavy-handed clashes between protesters and riot police, with cars driving through crowds in some areas. Several police cruisers were captured and burnt.


An altercation began between Walter Wallace Jr. and police, after they were called in for a mental health crisis. Wallace held a knife, and was 10 feet away from police at the time. An officer opened fire, unloading 10 bullets into Wallace. A crowd almost immediately gathered, fighting with police, and arguing over the necessity of shooting him. This would only be a precursor to what would happen later that night.

Initial Protests

Protesters immediately began clashing with police, throwing bottles, trash cans, and rocks at the officers.

Following these initial scuffles, police began to crack down on protesters, relying on hand-to-hand combat to put them down, sustaining injuries while doing so. Many protesters were beaten, but in the chaos, some protesters managed to get away and resume demonstrations in other areas.


After the initial clashes, protesters began to block roads and march through town.

Clashes With Police

Clashes with police began across the city, with protesters chasing down police, capturing cruisers, and burning cars as well as setting up barricades. Fireworks were also thrown into the sky and the cops all over West Philadelphia.

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