Barricades Go Up All Over Chile Against the Piñera Presidency

Demonstrators gathered across Chile in solidarity with the strikers in Santiago to protest against the regime of President Sebastian Piñera, burning barricades and shutting down access roads across the country. Roads and highways were blocked in Antofagasta, Valparaíso, and other cities.

Demonstrators shut down the Anibal Pinto Square in Valparaíso, blocking access both in and out of the city’s highways.

Protesters also burned a barricade at the Consalud building in the Alameda, a neighborhood im Santiago. It was only 1 block from the Presidential Palace, where significant clashes occurred the same day.

Demonstrators also burned barricades in another spot at the Alameda, close as well to el Palacio de La Moneda, where the president resides, the site of significant protesting on the reflaring of the October uprising in Chile.

Dozens also gathered in downtown Antofagasta and shut down the highway, barring any access to the city.

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