Anonymous Hacks into Nigerian Police Website During Growing Protests

Protests continue to grow in Nigeria, whose SARS police force has yet to be disbanded and is being replaced with SWAT, and recent leaks by Anonymous are only serving to aggravate the situation in the country. The hacktivist group had previously not been present, but it is likely that its new releases will bring forth a new wave of protests.


Protesters in Abuja took to the streets in front of the Ministry of Justice, or as they have dubbed it, the Ministry of Injustice.


Abeokuta protesters turned out in the thousands despite reports of potential agitators being among the crowd.


Pro-SARS Attack

Pro-SARS counterprotesters who many suspect of being funded by the government due to having no particular grassroots movement attacked protesters in Lagos with their own fists and bats.


Jalingo, a city in the east that had previously not had any protests, organized a demonstration that turned out protesters in the hundreds.

Police Open Fire on Protesters in Jos

Amnesty International Nigeria recorded that police in Jos opened fire on protesters with live ammunition, with unknown deaths and injuries.

Anonymous Hacks Into Nigerian Police Website

Anonymous hacked into the website of Nigeria’s police, leaking everything in a massive data dump. In a follow-up video, they threatened to release other documents that could potentially end the current government regime and political elite.

Below are screenshots of the published documents released in the data dump.

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